Peer-reviewed articles

“The Reign of Error: The French Revolution and North American Information Politics, 1789–1795,” (Journal of the Early Republic, Fall 2019).

“Enquire of the Printer: North American Newspaper Printers, Advertising, and the Moral Economy of the Slave Trade, 1704–1807,” (forthcoming from Early American Studies).

Selected blog posts and op-eds

“What President Trump doesn’t understand about the Logan Act,” op-ed in Washington Post “Made by History” section.

“A Revolution in Mottoes: Newspaper Mastheads and the American Revolution,” article in Journal of the American Revolution, Nov. 2018.

“Anonymous Criticism Helped Make America Great,” op-ed in Washington Post “Made by History” section.

“From Platform to Publisher: Facebook, the Early American Open Press, and Alex Jones,” blog post at The Junto.

“The Attention Economy of the American Revolution,” blog post at The Junto.

“Why Trump’s assault on NBC and “fake news” threatens freedom of the press — and his political future,” op-ed in Washington Post “Made By History” section.

“Information and Ideology in Henri-Antoine Mézière’s Canadian Age of Revolutions,” blog post at Age of Revolutions blog, Sept. 18, 2017.

“Reviving Revolution,” blog post at Omohundro Institute’s blog Uncommon Sense, Jan. 26, 2016.