The best thing about looking through a 1775 Philadelphia tax list…

…is the names. Some finds:

  • Moses Bozee
  • Fergus Purdon
  • Lancelot Harrison
  • Everhard Bolton
  • Dorcas Montgomery
  • Hilarius Baker
  • Wendle Zerban
  • Blaze Boyer
  • Urban Fribley
  • Baltus Flisher
  • Christian Hero
  • Jabiz Buzby
  • Benjamoses Kite
  • George Shittz

In the historical namesake category”

  • Peter Campbell
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • William Faulkner
  • Richard Nixon
  • John Updike

In the “parents lacking in creativity” category:

  • Evan Evans
  • John Johnston
  • Wendle Wendlyn
  • George George
  • Christian Christian
  • James James
  • William Williams

And the aptronym category:

  • John Baker (who was a baker)
  • James Smith (who was, you guessed it, a smith!)

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